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SchoolCity helps districts across the country create their own success stories with revolutionary assessment, accountability and data management solutions. Based in California’s Silicon Valley, SchoolCity has been working with schools nationally to increase student achievement since 1999. Our integrated product line warehouses critical data within a user-friendly dashboard system allowing teachers to enact change where it matters most: the classroom. Our team of educators and technologists apply a nuanced knowledge of teaching and learning to help over 700 districts turn data into action in their school improvement efforts. SchoolCity is your one-stop destination for meaningful data management. We exist so that your students may achieve.

Hero helps monitor all forms of student behavior. Good or bad, minor or major, you will always know what’s happening on campus. Using any web browser, the Hero Mobile Scanning Solution, or your own Android & iOS devices, we allow you to spot heroes in your school and capture behavior where and when it happens. Keep accurate attendance records. Assign warnings and consequences automatically. We eliminate handwritten tardy slips, verbal warnings, and the worst of all, those 7-part referral forms that everyone despises. Use trend-oriented reporting to encourage improvement among your heroes every day, and share behavior data with your Student Information System, state reporting or parents.

PowerSchool is a web-based student information system that provides full range of features needed by administrators at the district and school level to manage student information, a portal for teachers to enter classroom-specific data, and portals to foster communication between the school and parents and students. Using PowerSchool, teachers are able to record grades and attendance for students to view at home. It currently has 15 million student users in over 65 countries. Each user (administrator, teacher, student and parent) using PowerSchool has a unique password-protected user account enabling access and functionality. Information entered by administrators and teachers is immediately accessible to all other users through their account.

ParentSquare is a communication and organization tool designed to keep parents informed and involved in their children’s learning and school activities. Some of the features it provides are:

  • Receive all school, classroom and group communication via email, text or app notification
  • See important calendar events and RSVP
  • See photos, links and attachments
  • Sign up to volunteer or bring items
  • Send private messages to teachers or staff
  • Appreciate those who post messages (please give them generously!)

STOPit Solutions is a tech company that was established in 2013 in response to the cyberbullying epidemic happening in school districts across the nation. What began as a tool to combat bullying in schools, has now grown into a suite of customizable products and services meant to inspire speak up cultures in not only the education space, but also the workforce and public safety sectors, spanning over 3 million subscribers.

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