Clubs and Organizations

1-11th Street Fashion Club

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Ratcliff
Purpose: To organize events such as the Fashion Show.

Adventure Club

Teacher Adviser: Mrs. Cervantes
Purpose: To coordinate events which will allows its members to learn about their communities and different cultures through educational trips, and allow students to play a role in their community by donating time.

Chess Club

Teacher Adviser: Mr. Hall
Purpose: To play the board game Chess and improve strategically. We will achieve this by playing Chess each meeting.

Freedom Writers

Teacher Adviser: Mrs. N. Orozco
Purpose: To involve students in writing, essay scholarship applications, college essay peer reviews, and preparation for English exams.

Games and Recreation

Teacher Adviser: Mr. Jobe
Purpose: To allow students to have a free space to relax and play games with each other after a long week of school work.

Gay Straight Alliance

Teacher Adviser: Mrs. Steeper
Purpose: To unite the school regardless to their sexual orientation and go to LGBTQ+ events to inform and make students comfortable with their sexuality by talking about it and fundraising for events to attend.


Teacher Adviser: Mr. Jobe
Purpose: To give back to our community by helping the people within it.

LA Times High School Insider

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Lomeli
Purpose: To involve students in journalism/broadcasting and the school newspaper.

Opportunity and Support Club

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Mendez
Purpose: To provide students with opportunities to develop their future. The club will provide help for the students that are interested in applying for different programs, scholarships, internships, or any other interests they have.


Teacher Adviser: Mrs. Delgado
Purpose: To teach people about Harry Potter, get people interested, geek out about it, and to fundraise to go to Universal Studios Harry Potter World.

Pre-Med Club

Teacher Adviser: Mrs. Gonzalez
Purpose: To learn about the different career paths in the medical field. There are so many that it can be confusing, which is why we will inform members about their possible choices with informational presentations.

The Recycling Club

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Ferraro
Purpose: To make Lennox Academy an eco-friendly place.

Self Care Club

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Ferraro
Purpose: To teach students the importance of oneself's mental and body care during time of pressure. Also, teach activities that can help relieve stress and build self care kits for students.

Solar Boat and Electric Car

Teacher Adviser: Mrs. Steeper, Mr. Rosas, Mr. Braslow
Purpose: To involve students in engineering projects and competitions. Students will work with physics, mathematics, automotive engineering, nautics, electrical engineering, piloting vessels, and other technological projects.

V.E.S.P. (Video Editing/Production)

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Ferraro
Purpose: To have students show their creative side through films and videos. Students will be able to learn how to edit videos for personal and public means such as to make a YouTube channel. This club is meant for students to have fun doing various tasks like recording, editing, acting, and writing.

Vocal Alliance

Teacher Adviser: Mr. Fong
Purpose: To give students an opportunity to express themselves through music and support the community.


Teacher Adviser: Mrs. Vasquez