Clubs and Organizations

1-11th Street Fashion Club

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Ratcliff
Purpose: To organize events such as the Fashion Show and to show creativity.

Activism Club

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Garza
Purpose: To inform, debate, and discuss current actions and events occurring in our modern day society.

House of Arts

Teacher Advisers: Ms. I. Cano/Ms. Delgado
Purpose: To provide a space for students to express their creativity through various forms of art.

K-Pop Club

Teacher Adviser: Ms. I. Cano
Purpose: For members to express themselves through music and for learning a new language.

Latinx Student Association

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Garza
Purpose: To foster and enrich our various cultural, historical and contextual experiences as a LATINX community.

LMSTA Red Cross

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Garcia
Purpose: Students will learn, practice and exemplify humanitarian values through mission-related service projects.


Teacher Adviser: Mr. Wang
Purpose: To engage students in STEM projects to help broaden college and career options.

Quality Weebs

Teacher Adviser: Mr. Rivas
Purpose: To have a space for students to discuss their favorite anime and explore Japanese culture.

The Recycling Club

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Ferraro
Purpose: To keep Lennox Academy an eco-friendly place.

Softball Club

Teacher Advisers: Ms. C. Ponce/Ms. Vasquez
Purpose: For anyone that wants to learn to play softball and for those who already know how to play to get more practice and conditioning. One community service event will be held to benefit younger girls playing softball.

Vocal Alliance

Teacher Adviser: Mr. Fong
Purpose: To create and share music with our school and local community.


Teacher Adviser: Mrs. Vasquez

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