Lennox Academy Panthers

Athletics Department Staff

A. Mena
Athletic Director

J. Pacheco
Assistant Athletic Director

Lennox Academy’s athletic program is comprised of 7 teams in 5 different sports, all at the Varsity level. The five programs we offer our students are baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, and softball, which are all part of the Coastal League of the CIF Southern Section. At Lennox Academy we encourage our students to participate in athletics, meaning many of our players are student-athletes who may not have considered playing in a sports team had they gone to a larger high school. Our student-athletes are successful both on and off the field due to the great support they receive from their parents and our staff members, and they always seek victory with honor and integrity.

Any student is welcome to participate in tryouts but must be in good academic standing to participate in games. Students who make their respective team must turn in a completed sports contract as well as complete a yearly physical (link to physical forms is below). Lennox Academy provides all students with sports uniforms and we do not ask our students or parents to pay any fees or dues to participate in our athletic programs.  We strongly encourage all students to participate in our sports program.

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