2019-2020 ASB Members


ASB Mission Statement:

The Associated Student Body’s mission is to enhance our student involvement in recreational and cultural activities by promoting school spirit and encouraging camaraderie between the students of Lennox Academy. By developing recreational activities throughout the school year, we strive to involve students to demonstrate Familia, Ganas and Orgullo. We are a dedicated group of students representing the entire student body through strong leadership and communication skills, helping address issues to improve our school.

2019-2020 ASB Cabinet:


ASB President
"I've been to Nevada, Maryland, DC, Texas, Virginia, and North Carolina."


ASB Vice President


ASB Secretary
"I like to hike and go on runs."


ASB Treasurer
"I fainted during Picture Day in freshman year. Then I was dragged to the nurse's office by my English teacher."


ASB Class President


ASB Class Vice President


Junior Rep


Junior Rep
"My favorite foods are enchiladas and Chinese food."

Upcoming Events:

Past Events:

Drawing Challenge

Welcome to ASB’s second ever virtual challenge! ASB started these weekly challenges to promote and keep the school spirit alive. They want to encourage creativity and provide an escape from all the troubles that are currently happening.

Have fun with them, and stay strong Panther Nation!!”

Art Night