2022-2023 ASB Members


ASB Mission Statement:

The Associated Student Body’s mission is to enhance our student involvement in recreational and cultural activities by promoting school spirit and encouraging camaraderie between the students of Lennox Academy. By developing recreational activities throughout the school year, we strive to involve students to demonstrate Familia, Ganas and Orgullo. We are a dedicated group of students representing the entire student body through strong leadership and communication skills, helping address issues to improve our school.

2022-2023 ASB Cabinet:


ASB President
"I've dyed my hair over 30 times."


ASB Vice President
"I run my own small jewelry business."


ASB Secretary
"My favorite pokemon is Psyduck."


ASB Treasurer


Senior Class President
"In my future, I hope to reach for the stars as I design rockets built to explore them."


Senior Class Vice President


Junior Rep
"I enjoy spending most of my free time playing soccer and going out to new places."


Junior Rep
"I have a high interest in the engineering field and hope to do that someday in the future, and I aspire to attend either UCLA or USC."

Past Events:

Halloween Costume Contest

Drawing Challenge

Art Night

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