Students of the Month



Citizenship: Belonging to and helping a community.

Kevin Badillo

Kevin makes sure his classmates feel included. He is a leader and asks all the hard questions to help his team understand. Kevin is an exemplary student.

Dario Tapia-Lozano

Dario is always willing to help his classmates. He does this with a kind and positive attitude. He is an excellent student/peer.

Keiry Mayen

Keiry is a team player and includes peers in class discussions. She is also always willing to help others and also has a positive attitude.

Angel Garcia-Negrete

Angel is always willing to lend a helping hand to peers and staff. He is always ready to learn and has a positive attitude.

Victor Jiatz

Victor has a positive attitude and is always willing to help others. He is respectful and always follows the rules.

Ariana Olmos

Ariana is always willing to provide a helping hand to her peers. She is respectful and demonstrates a positive attitude.

Gisselle Castro

Gisselle is responsible and gives 110%. She has a positive attitude. She is kind and respectful to teachers and peers.

Kyra Rodriguez

Kyra is a team player and helps others. She is extremely kind to peers and teachers. She is also polite.


Respect: Treating yourself and others with courtesy.

Anais Alcala

Anais is always positive and makes sure to include all of her classmates when she works in small table groups.

Juan Escobar

Juan is an exemplary role model. He is always welcoming and supportive of his classmates.

Edralene Mae Medrano

Edralene is very respectful to teachers and her peers in class. No matter what she is feeling she is mindful of how she responds and reacts to others. I really admire that.

Steve Lopez

Although Steve is surrounded by friends and students that could be a distraction he is very respectful of class/learning time. He is focused, does not allow himself to get distracted or off task. He has self control and respects when a teacher is speaking.

Katherine Hernandez

Katherine is an extremely kind and polite student and peer. She makes her teachers feel valued and she is supportive of her fellow peers as they share their ideas and learn concepts.

Melina Machorro-Rugerio

Melina models respect with her focused behavior in the classroom. She is open and welcoming to all of her peers, and is a team member that can always be counted on.

Jorge Montero

Jorge is always attentive and responsible. He often responds to questions and shares his ideas freely.

Paola Lopez

Paola is an excellent writer who works hard at developing new skills. She is often reaches out to motivate her peers as well.


Responsibility: Being accountable for your words, action, and work.

Aaron Luna Jr.

Aaron works efficiently and utilizes class time to complete his work. He shows responsibility by completing all assignments, even when he misses class.

Eliana Hernandez

Eliana demonstrates responsibility by not only checking the agenda in order to be on task and participate each day, but also reminds her teammates to do the same. She completes all her assignments and is a role model for other students to look up to.

Grace Nepomuceno

Grace is an incredibly responsible student. She is always on task while in class and makes sure to check the agenda to see what she has missed when she's absent. She always communicates with her teachers when she needs help or when she know she will be missing class.

Ashley Solis

Ashley demonstrates responsibility by always being on top of what she needs to get done. She keeps herself accountable for her learning and communicates with her teachers whenever she needs help or has questions about anything going on.

Michelle Enriquez

Michelle balances a difficult workload of academic and extracurricular responsibilities. However, she's thorough and attentive enough to not let anything slip through the cracks. In class, Michelle is supportive and positive; she creates a learning environment that improves the understanding of everyone around her. Michelle stands out as a stellar representative of the student body.

Joel Labori

Joel has displayed excellent responsibility in his academics, especially with his improvement throughout this school year. Joel is a leader among his peers, and a positive influence. He's not afraid to ask questions, and in doing do, he supports the rest of the class. Besides his schoolwork, Joel has other demands on his time that he balances well to make sure that he doesn't fall behind.

Jessica Garcia

Jessica always has a great smile, is hard working, and supports her peers in any way she can. She demonstrates responsibility by always turning in her assingments on time

Kadija Arroyo

Kadija is always responsible, shows great effort, participates and is willing to help others.


Empathy: Understanding how others feel.

Mayleen Hernandez

Mayleen has done a fantastic job adjusting to high school. She is actively engaged in class, and always ready to learn. Mayleen consistently supports her peers, exemplifying empathy.

Abraham Velasco

Abraham has consistently demonstrated commitment to his academics and does not hesitate to help other students class. Abraham always participates in class and puts effort in all his assignments.

Itzel Sanchez

Itzel is a very responsible student. In mathematics she is always a great team member willing to work and collaborate in any group setting. Her work is always well organized, complete, and shows all her work. Also, Itzel is a great peer who is always willing to help other around her.

Antonella Casillas

She is an all around amazing student, always responsible, and willing to help her peers. Her positive attitude and friendly nature make Antonella the Perfect Candidate.

Clarence Fernandez

Clarence demonstrates empathy by always caring about his classmates and their needs. If another classmate needs help with anything, Clarence will always be there to help out.

Sarai Chavez

Sarai demonstrates that she is empathetic because she helps those in need without being asked.

Jocelyn Escarcega

Jocelyn is a truly empathetic person. She cares about those around her and always has a positive mindset in class. In addition, she communicates effectively with teachers whenever she is absent.

Ashley Dominguez

Ashley is extremely compassionate and caring towards others. She always comes to class with a smile on her face and I have noticed that she inspires others to also have a positive outlook.


Kindness & Caring: Being thoughtful, nice, and helpful to others.

Randy Martinez

Randy has made improvement in his classes, but one characteristic he has implement is kindness and caring. He goes out of his way when someone needs helps.

Eduar Duarte

Eduar doesn't hesitate to help his classmates and encourages others. He's attentive and does everything with a positive attitude.

Joshua Franco

Joshua is very helpful to his classmates and will always go out of his way to assist others. Joshua cares greatly about his grades and works well with others.

Juan Hernandez

Juan is an excellent student and peer. He is a very responsible student and always helps others when needed. He is very respectful and caring of others.

Valerie Carrillo

Valerie demonstrates kindness and caring by helping others when needed and she does it with patience and a positive attitude.

Daniela Farias

Daniela demonstrates kindness and caring by showing compassion and gratitude amongst her peers and teachers.

Steven Cortez

Steven always has a positive attitude with his teachers and classmates. He is a kind and caring student who is always willing to help those around him. He is always respectful and understanding of others.

Ana Salgado

Ana is truly a kind, caring, and wonderful student. She always cares for those around her and is always willing to help. She is a very thoughtful student who is always considerate of others. I believe her sincerity and selflessness are some of her best qualities.


Teamwork: Sharing ideas and work within a group.

Fabian Miramontes

Along with Fabian's ability to provide excellent work in his academics, he has exemplified familia in the classroom by being helpful and kind to all those around him. Fabian is an excellent leader, team-member and classmate.

Deana Gomez Franco

Deana is so helpful in many ways in class and has a great ability to make everyone feel welcome and heard. Deana exemplifies Familia and teamwork in everything that she does.

Dodany Rivas

Dodany always helps students when they are absent to help them with classwork. He recognizes the birthdays, who should receive Panther or Hero Points. When he is absent because of a soccer game, he finds out what assignments are due and still assists others in doing classwork.

Emma Leyva

Emma is always willing to assist students that have been absent and help them with classwork. She also forms a list of birthday events to help plan party events to recognize them and coordinates food email lists. We play monopoly on Fridays and she will get two other students to put all the pieces back inside the packages so the pieces will not get lost.

Diego Sanchez

When working with his team, Diego asks questions, explains to his teammates, and makes sure that everyone is included and doesn't fall behind.

Keyli Ferrera

Keyli works with a sense of urgency and encourages her teammates to do the same. She discusses problems with her team and asks questions that show effort and willingness to improve.

Damian Barba

Supportive of his fellow classmates. Damian is always helping students in class and has a positive attitude.

Hailey De la O

Hailey is very respectful and hardworking student. She is always looking out for others. She is very responsible and does an incredible job of balancing academics and her responsibilities outside of school.


Fairness, Treating others equally and justly.

Aidan Salazar

Aidan has a genuine interest in helping others succeed. He exemplifies kindness and respect. He is always willing to support his classmates during school and during GANAS. His classmates respect him and they know that they can always count on Aidan.

Daniela Estrada

Daniela brings a positive energy to the classroom. She is always willing to learn and ask good questions. Daniela is an example of fairness when she makes everyone feel included and when she helps her classmates.

Kathy Escobar

Kathy is always trying to create an equitable learning environment and sharing her talents and academic skills with those around her in class. I am consistently impressed with her ability to balance social/fun with serious/dedication to her work.

Jared Salazar

Jared impresses me with his ability to have fun and keep the class environment lighthearted while still engaging with the content material and asking questions/helping others when necessary. When finished early, he will assist with others in class completing their work and always brings a fun attitude to class.

Miguel Velasco

Miguel is a student teachers enjoy having in their classrooms because he not only works hard during class time but is also an example of a student who wants others to succeed around him. Miguel always thinks of others and treats his fellow students and his teachers with kindness and respect.

Neveah Gonzalez

Neveah is a student who comes to class each day with a contagious positive attitude that she sprinkles around the classroom like so much pixie dust. She encourages our class to strive and is a wonderful example of a student who is not afraid to share their thoughts and ideas with the whole group. Neveah is not scared to let others know who she is and gives her classmates the freedom to be themselves.

Jenny Ake

Jenny is an extremely helpful student who is always trying to help out her peers. She is the most deserving person for student of the month.

Jonathan Castro-Palacios

Great guy and student who kind of flies under the radar. Is very kind to others and people respect him a lot. Proud to give him this award.


Fairness, Treating others equally and justly.

Jaime Aguilar Morales

Jaime is a great student. He is always helping his peers and does his best in all his assignments.

Sharon Mendez-Rodriguez

Sharon is an outstanding student. Always asking clarifying questions and helping others. Brings a very positive attitude to school.

Andrea Galindo

Andrea, not only is she a great student but a great rode model to her peers. She is caring, compassionate and honest when it comes to interacting with her peers and teachers. She always has a smile and is willing to go our of her way to help others.

Marcos Garcia Camey

Marcos is an exemplar student and person. He is always very kind and respectful to all of his peers and adults. In class he's always and engaged and clearly demonstrates interest in the topic of study. Marcos will always give it his best in everything he does.

Mike Cruz

Mike always demonstrates honesty and brings a positive attitude to class. He participates in class discussions and encourages others to try their best. He treats his teachers and classmates with kindness and respect.

Valeria Lopez

Valeria is a very honest student and tries her best at any given task. Although she is surrounded by friends and students, who could be distractions, she stays focused and does not allow herself to get distracted or off task. She always communicates with her teachers when she needs clarification.

Diana Magdaleno-Zuniga

Diana has come out of her comfort zone and started participating in class discussions and ask questions when she needs help. She is honest and respectful to her peers.

Haydee Velasquez

Haydee demonstrates effort in all her work and is responsible. She is caring and kind to others by being respectful.


Cooperation: Working with others toward a common goal.

Larissa Reyes De Loera

She's a very intelligent and well rounded individual. She's well liked amongst her peers and always stays on top of her task. She's proactive in learning and has never needed reminders when work is missed.

Vanessa Galindo

She's known as the class keystone species. She always carries the class and is eager to help with class activities. She's always found smiling and never brings a frown to school

Karla Reveles

Karla is always actively engaged in the lesson and prepared to answer any question that comes her way. She goes above and beyond on her projects and is a great support for her peers. .

Jonathan Garcia

Jonathan is always on top of his work and willing to help his peers. He learns new topics quickly and puts 110% effort into everything he does.

Brandon Zamora-Amezquita

Brandon always puts in a strong team effort. He puts in extra effort to plan for his performances, engages his peers in groups projects, and promotes collaboration.

Jocelyn Gonzalez

Jocelyn is a great student who doesn't give up on her work. She engages with her peers and works hard to encourage others, and this helps promote an atmosphere of teamwork..

Linda Lepe

She makes sure everyone in the group is on task and helps each person reach the present objectives in class. She gives constructive feedback and is always respectful to her peers.

Allison Lopez

She works well in any group she is assigned to. She is very helpful to her peers and respectfully advocates for her group for clarification from the teacher in order to successfully reach their goals.

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