Students of the Month
2021 - 2022



Michel actively participates, collaborates with peers, and is conscientious in completing her assignments.


Jocelyn turns in consistent, excellent quality work, always participates, and takes initiative. She gets along well with everyone in class.


Amanda is an adept, professional, and mature student. Not only does she excel in her classes, she also consistently supports her peers. She demonstrates great skill in being able to solve problems and articulate her thoughts.


Arleth is very conscientious and often asks questions in order to learn more about her subjects. She has been working hard to improve her writing skills and frequently joins in during class discussions.


Michelle has helpful positive energy daily. She works well with others, participates in class discussions, and helps maintain a college-level environment.


Saul is a natural helper in class. He is always trying to help the class rise to be their best. He is constantly thinking of others in addition to how he can continually improve his work.


Deborah is an incredibly hard-working student. She is willing to ask questions and spend extra time in order to make sure she fully understands. This dedication has resulted in great success and improvement.


Luis often participates in class. He works hard to maintain his grades while having a busy schedule outside of school.



Brandon contributes to class discussions, completes work with detail and depth. He has excellent writing and communication skills.


Angel consistently demonstrates excellence in all of his work. He is always striving to go above and beyond in everything he does. He always asks questions and adds to the classroom culture.


Jessalin has had a strong start this year. She is a pleasure to have in class, she is helpful and supportive of her peers, and currently has a 3.9 GPA.


Diego is enthusiastic about learning new things and enjoys sharing his opinions in class discussions as well as asking questions.


Jesse actively participates in class and completes his work.


Daniela has done a great job transitioning back into the Math classroom. She helps peers, actively participates and is timely in all her assignments.


William has demonstrated consistent excellence and humility. He has earned a perfect score on a recent math test. As a co-founder of the Anime Club, he has provided a fun and safe space for anime fans on campus.


Julia is attentive in class and enjoys sharing her thoughts with her peers. She is an excellent partner in class group and partner activities.

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