Students of the Month
2020 - 2021



Beyonce is an inquisitive learner who is always willing to help her peers.


Luis has shown great improvement this past semester and always asks for help. He checks in on a daily basis and will ask what he can do to improve his grade. He consistently completes his work and will even more ahead if he knows he has other work due the following days.


Kimberly has shown incredible resiliency and growth this semester. Online learning has been challenging for most students, but Kim has risen to that challenge and performed better and better as time went on. Her performance in all of her classes has improved from semester 1, many of them dramatically. This success is the result of hard work and grit, which are some of the most important qualities a student can have.


Nathalie likes to engage in class discussions. She regularly participates by responding to her teachers and peers. She enjoys reading and writing about the texts she reads.


Samuel is enthusiastic about learning. He has improved this semester by turning in work on time and engaging in class discussion.


Maya currently has a 3.9 GPA. She always comes to class with a positive attitude and her camera on, works productively all period, and works well in teams. She is a hardworking student and a pleasure to have in class!


Sebastian consistently shows up to class with a positive attitude and a camera on. He offers insightful commentary and shares his ideas, which contributes to the learning of everyone in the class. Sebastian is helpful when working with his friends; he's just as willing to listen to an idea as he is to share his own. These are the traits of a model Academy student, as well as choices that will serve Sebastian well after high school.


Richard has been working diligently on his coursework and takes pride in creating assignments. He likes to participate in class and eagerly shares his thoughts during discussions.



Linda is always ready with her camera on ready to collaborate. She actively participates and asks insightful questions during class.


Elizabeth is extremely hard working, always reaches out for help when needed, and voluntarily attends office hours for clarification on assignments. Her camera is always on, she participates in the chat, and always comes to class engaged and with enthusiasm on Zoom.


Carlos has improved the grades of half of his classes by 2 letter grades since Semester 1. He asks questions, works hard, and demonstrates a desire to continue improving.


Marian is dedicated to learning. She loves to do research and present her findings in writing and in presentations.


Roberto has turned things around in the last few weeks by becoming more consistent with submitting assignments. He has become more responsible in terms of attending office hours and working to improve his GPA.


Mason currently has a 4.0 GPA. He participates daily, works well with others, and takes initiative in breakout rooms. He is a dedicated member of ASB and is extremely involved in all school events.


Jocelyn participates throughout class and is always engaged in whatever the daily activity is. The work she submits shows exceptional attention to detail.


Sergio really likes to discuss topics in class. He provides his thoughts and inspires others to join in conversations.



Angel is always engaged in learning, participates and asks questions. He strives to improve work at all times and works well with others.


Daniel works hard in all classes and currently has a 3.7 GPA. He consistently keeps is camera on during class, takes leadership in breakout rooms, and shows enthusiasm about learning.


Arleth is doing well in all her classes. She always comes to class prepared and with a great attitude.


Denise is an excellent reader and enjoys sharing her thoughts about the themes from the texts we read.


Daniel consistently helps others and is an excellent team member to his MESA team. His work is excellent and well-reasoned. He is always ready to learn, contribute to class discussions, and has a positive attitude.


Iztaccihuatl is a very motivated student and currently has a 3.9 GPA. She is kind to others, voluntarily attends office hours when needed, and is always engaged in Zoom chat.


Sofia is taking a rigorous schedule this year and is excelling in all of her classes. She participates in class and has valuable insights to offer.


Pablo seeks opportunities to share his thoughts in discussions on Zoom and is a very serious writer.



Jessica has done a great job adjusting to her first semester of high school. She is consistently proactive in reaching out to teachers and always engaged during lessons.


Allison currently has a 3.8 GPA. She always asks questions, participates in class, and is very organized. She takes initiative to visit office hours, completes all of her work and always has her camera on!


Justin has grown tremendously and has an Excellent Attitude. Also, he always puts the best effort into all assignments and has maintained a 3.4 GPA.


Katherine works diligently on her writing assignments and takes extra time to edit and develop her ideas.


Nick works well with others and always does his best. His 9th grade teachers all appreciate his positive attitude, leadership, and participation in the classroom.


Elvis has really turned it around since the beginning of the year and currently has a 3.0 GPA. He takes the initiative to ask questions and attends office hours when needed, and is always willing to make up assignments. He is more focused and has improved significantly.


Mariana participates daily and turns in scholarly work. She frequently goes above and beyond with assignment requirements.


Samantha tries her best to participate in class. She eagerly responds to questions and likes to ask them too.



Marely is very responsible with turning in assignments and consistently submits high quality work. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA for many weeks and is a role model for her classmates.


David has excellent work ethic and currently has a 4.0 GPA. He is engaged in learning, diligent in the completion of assignments, and goes above and beyond to ensure he understands each concept.


Juan has grown tremendously. He brings positive energy to class, works hard on all assignments, and is currently maintaining a 3.5 GPA.


Gustavo loves to read and eagerly participates in discussions.


At first, Paloma had some difficulty adjusting to the schedule/multiple platforms but has learned all procedures for each class and has raised her grades significantly.


Josue participates daily with his camera on and always comes to class with a positive attitude. He is productive during class time, works well with others, and takes initiative in breakout rooms.


Pedro has a great work ethic. He contributes greatly to class discussions, and he is a supportive classmate and group member.


Liliana enjoys writing and spends extra time researching to make sure she can support her ideas with evidence.



Angel is enthusiastic about learning, has high expectations for himself, and sets a great example for his peers.


Angel has shown great work ethic and currently has a 3.8 GPA. He participates daily, asks clarifying questions, and voluntarily comes to office hours to make sure he fully understands the concepts learned in class.


Gabriel has put a lot of effort into all his classes this year and has raised his GPA to a 3.6.


Alexandro gives very good attention to details in the class instruction, written assignments, and is very vocal in the classroom. He has outside projects that he invents that are pertaining to our projects on his own, and shares them in the class.


Ashley is always participating and asking questions. She comes to office hours to revise work and makes sure she understands content and has done a great job transitioning into high school.


Ricardo comes to class with a positive attitude and currently has a 3.7 GPA. He is engaged during all class discussions, works well in teams, and always participates as a leader in breakout rooms.


Genesis always shows an exceptional quality of work with her assignments and frequently goes above and beyond all requirements.


Emely is a student who takes risks and never gives up. She is a great teammate and a responsible individual.

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