Students of the Month
2019 - 2020



Brian is a pleasure to have in all of his classes. He is responsible, hardworking, and has shown tremendous growth since the start of the year.


Juan has made great improvement since last year. He is a very diligent student and asks for help when he needs it. He is working hard in obtaining his goal of a 3.0 and always keeps his notes and homework organized and up to date.


Antonio has had much growth in his demeanor and work ethic. He has an excellent attitude in math; he's inquisitive and supportive of his peers, and he's not satisfied with partial understanding.


Hailey is an excellent listener. She takes thorough reading notes and likes to share her written responses in class. She also works well with others and often compliments her peers for sharing in class.


Mariano puts his best effort into everything he does and comes to school with a positive attitude every day. He is enthusiastic, motivated, and always wanting to learn more.


Melissa currently has a 3.9 GPA. She really tries her best to open up and share her ideas, which are always insightful! She is very careful and efficient with her time, creative and always seeking to be better.


Sofia is well rounded and successful across the board. She pushes herself to excellence in every subject, and she works hard to maintain her high standards.


Karla is enthusiastic about learning and enjoys reading. She likes to work with others and supports her partners in collaborative learning groups. She is always on task and likes to participate in class discussions.



Danally is an excellent leader in the classroom and possesses excellent problem solving skills.


Citlalic always comes to class with a positive attitude, asks many clarifying questions and has great discussions with team members. She is a pleasure to have in class.


Gustavo takes initiative, puts in a high amount of effort and works well in groups. He explains his thinking and supports his peers, not just giving answers. He is one of 2 students who challenged himself by taking 2 Math classes.


Alexander likes to participate in discussions and he also asks questions. He really works well with others and is a positive influence on his peers.


Kevin is a responsible and conscientious student who always assists his fellow study team members in math.


Emily always comes to class engaged and ready to learn. She is extremely kind and patient with group members, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to her peers.


Ivan has shown a lot of growth this semester; he's been turning in more homework, talking to his teachers, coming to GANAS! and staying during lunch to catch up on work.


Sara is an attentive student who strives to improve her writing skills. She likes to read and do independent research. She is a very ambitious student.



Israel is an avid reader who possesses a remarkable ability to analyze literature. He participates on the daily and is a pleasure to have in class and always goes above and beyond on all of his assignments.


Axel is enthusiastic and engaged in learning every day. He works really well with others and is always leading great group discussions. He currently has a 3.7 GPA.


Natalie goes above and beyond the call of duty. She always helps other students with their class work and assists in cleanup in the classroom. In the ASB "1-11th Street Fashion Club" she does extra-- what is not her responsibility. She is always polite and helpful with all the students.


Brian always shares his thoughts and opinions in class. He is an excellent speaker and has a positive impact on his peers.


Nora is an outstanding young lady. She's an enthusiastic learner and a team player who always goes out of her way to help out her peers during small group activities.


Jimena is extremely hard-working, patient and kind to others. She puts her best effort forward in class each and every day, and currently has a
3.7 GPA.


Valeria is an excellent student who participates eagerly. She likes to ask questions and share her opinions. She works diligently on her writing assignments and enjoys reading.


Marcos has been working diligently on his assignments and loves to read! He is a positive influence on his peers.