Students of the Month
2018 - 2019



Arleth is an extremely hard working and determined individual. She consistently strives to improve in her knowledge, independence, and take pride in her quality work. She helps others and is a strong leader among her peers.


Elidia is collaborative, hard working, and engaged. She is very detailed with all the work that she submits and she always goes above and beyond in expectations.


Aristhani is a remarkable student who excels academically while actively participating in extracurriculars. She always participates, asks clarifying questions, and performs highly on quizzes.


Javier is always the first one to class. He works hard to stay up on assignments and demonstrates leadership when working in collaborative groups.


Julian is an exemplary student-athlete. He is a great model student for his peers, sets high standards academically and is always willing to help others.


Jose is kind, respectful, and works well with his peers. He is always ready with insightful answers when called on and works hard in all of his classes.


Samantha is a gifted artist who brings her creativity into all of her work. She is also a passionate and inspirational public speaker.


Luis really enjoys writing essays. He always does a lot of research to make sure his work is supported with evidence. He enjoys reading and sharing his insights out loud.



Gabriel is always ready to learn and is a pleasure to have in the classroom.


Brian is very detail-oriented and takes ownership of his learning. He often goes above and beyond what is expected with classwork and homework assignments, and helps motivate his peers in group assignments.


Adolfo has made tremendous progress this semester and has improved his grades in most of his classes. He is always pleasant and upbeat in class and contributes to group discussions and projects. Keep up the good work!


Ivan loves to participate. He asks questions and compliments his peers. He works hard to stay up on his assignments.


Ximena is an excellent student that is always willing to help others. She possesses a positive attitude and is a natural leader in the classroom.


Carlos currently has a 3.3 GPA. He is a very hard worker who takes the extra time and effort needed to succeed in classes, while being unafraid to ask questions that clarify concepts for himself and for his peers.


The 11th grade team chose Omar because of his extremely positive attitude and continuous academic achievement. Omar is taking a challenging curriculum and approaches his work with enthusiasm and dedication. He offers valuable insights to group discussions and has grown as a student this semester.


Karen works hard to stay up on her assignments. She likes to participate in class and always comes up with interesting insights. She has also been working on her writing skills.



Michelle is well-organized, detail-oriented, and is a positive role model for her peers. She is one of the few students that go above and beyond to solve problems and understand concepts better in Computer Science.


Johnny is extremely hard working and currently has a 3.6 GPA. He comes to class with a positive attitude, inquires about how to get better, and is always looking for ways to improve. He is collaborative and kind.


Luis has demonstrated significant improvement since 1st quarter completing most assignments on time. He participates in group discussions and usually has great insights to add.


Damaris deserves recognition for her consistency and desire to always improve herself. She has the courage to advocate for herself and has proven her worth many times over.


Nicolas has shown effort this month. He came back with a positive attitude and ready to learn.


Martin is enthusiastic about learning and is always involved in class discussions. He works very well with all of his peers, and he has a great attitude about school and life.


Steven always goes above and beyond in all his assignments. He also participates in class and does more than his fair share in group projects.


Maricielo is hard-working, respectful, and accountable for her actions. She is a team player who makes the tough decisions that she knows to be right, even if they are hard to make.



Aisha is dependable, an enthusiastic learner, and always goes above and beyond in all her completed work.


Eduardo is independent, responsible, and always engaged in learning. He is always willing to improve and revise until he knows he is turning in his best work. His positive attitude is contagious and sets the tone for a productive period.


Alexis has shown determination to shift focus to more academic-minded in all his classes. We have seen a visible improvement and persistence in his overall work.


Casey is very attentive in class and enjoys collaborative assignments. She really motivates her peers with a positive attitude.


Jovanna is always focused in class and ready to help, try new things and works hard to succeed. She has done great, has shown much growth these past few months in English and all her classes.


Kimberly currently has a 3.9 GPA. She is hard working, organized, and always involved in group discussions. She seeks to always improve when she feels she has not exceeded her own expectations. Her desire to excel is evident in the work she turns in.


Hector is an extraordinary student who is very responsible and performs highly on quizzes and tests. Also, he's a natural leader who helps others when necessary. His insightful questions and comments contribute positively to class lessons.


Elizabeth always shows up to class with a positive attitude and enjoys participating in class discussions. She maintains a busy schedule but always puts academics first.



Julia has adapted well to starting at LMSTA a week after her peers. She faced the challenge of learning her schedule, her teachers, Canvas, and much more and has shown great effort in improving her grades.


Emanuel is extremely collaborative and kind. He is responsible, engaged, and has excellent work ethic.


Chelsea was selected for the 11th grade student of the month for her demonstrating significant growth in the 1st quarter of her junior year. She always has a smile on her face and eagerly helps her peers in addition to performing well on her assignments.


Angel is dedicated to learning and likes to complete assignments ahead of time. He organizes study groups and like to participate in socratic seminars.


Mariana is enthusiastic about learning and a natural leader in her math class. She is well-organized and shows her best effort in all her assignments.


Sofia currently has a 3.95 GPA. She is patient and supportive with group members, and always focused on the task at hand.


Jessica is an exceptional student and has earned in A+ in most of her classes. She always participates in class and offers excellent insights in group discussions. She exhibits a very positive attitude and is a pleasure to have in class.


Jennifer is enthusiastic about learning, loves to read and write essays. She takes excellent notes and reminds her peers to stay focused when working in groups.

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