Cristina is an amazing student. She is always prepared for class and willing to help others. She is a leader and an insightful voice in class. She is currently earning straight A’s.


Saul takes his time and works diligently on all assignments. He is extremely hard-working, sincere, and insightful.


Jessica is a dedicated student in all of her classes. In addition to her strong academics, she possesses a charming personality.


Andres is very focused in class. He likes to ask questions and participates well in group discussions. He enjoys reading and writing, especially when he gets to share his perspectives on different topics.


Johanan has consistently been a leader in his classes, contributing his ideas & helping his peers. He always turns in quality work and is an extremely hard working student.


Vanessa always comes to class with a positive attitude and works well with her group members. She is enthusiastic and engaged in learning.


Rocio consistently puts forth her best effort in everything that she does. She is a well rounded, responsible student with many different talents.


Justin enjoys class discussion and likes to take notes during lessons. He uses his notes to construct excellent argument essays. During socratic seminars he is always vocal but also respectful towards his peers.



Azucena consistently provides insightful contributions to her classes. She is very helpful and works well in groups. She has great work ethic and is very dedicated while still being very fun and energetic.


Cesar is a true example of an independent learner. He goes out of his way to research and discover concepts on his own, and currently has a 3.5 GPA. He is hardworking both in and outside of the classroom, and has won several awards through MESA, including 2nd place at regionals.


Marcos is a student who puts a lot of effort on all his assignments, he tries his best to not make the same mistakes, and he always participates in class discussions. He exemplifies familia, ganas, and orgullo. Not only does Marcos demonstrate academic responsibility he is also a model student athlete, and always comes to class with positive energy.


Alfredo concentrates well in class, he likes to listen to lectures by his teachers, and always provides interesting responses to questions directed at him. He also likes to pose questions to his peers.


Hailey is very detail-oriented and takes ownership of her learning. She often goes above and beyond what is expected with classwork and homework assignments. She is currently earning straight A's including a perfect 100% in AP Computer Science.


Nayely has shown HUGE improvement and growth throughout the year. She is engaged in learning, hardworking, and kind. She is intelligent, articulate, and even presented to the Board last month on behalf of the English department.


Noemi is a talented student who is very responsible and performs highly on all of her assignments. She's a natural leader who helps others when necessary. Noemi has chosen a challenging schedule her Junior year with 3 AP courses.


Alondra has been improving her reading skills and loves to share her opinions on social issues. She is motivating her peers with her desire to participate in class.



Katherine shows great engagement and initiative in class. She motivates her peers in group collaboration. She participates and adds insightful ideas to class discussions. She is a true role model for peers and comes to class with a positive attitude, excited to learn.


Darwin provides insightful connections to themes explored in class. He is able to balance sports with academics seamlessly, and is extremely helpful and supportive of group members and peers.


Andrea has shown improvement in every class compared to Semester 1. She has improved her work ethic and her focus in class, and the results show. Andrea is a proactive learner who has put forth effort to contribute to group tasks and produce quality work. She takes the extra time and effort needed to succeed in classes, while being unafraid to ask questions that clarify concepts for herself and for her peers.


Fernie is insightful. He loves to read and often times finishes his reading assignments well before they are due. He is excited about attending college and likes writing essays.


Kimberly is an amazing self-starter and easily makes herself available to help in any way. She’s an absolute pleasure to have in class. She is currently earning straight As in all her classes.


Marvin carries himself maturely in all classes, gathers his ideas well, and is purposeful in his responses. He is diligent, independent, determined, and responsible.


Azalia is a consistently hard working and excellent student. She offers critical insight when solving problems, analyzing trends, and making conclusions, all while paying great attention to detail. Besides her own success, Azalia is supportive of her peers; she makes sure that students around her understand, and she works on explaining things clearly.


Jorge is always enthusiastic about working on school projects. He approaches them eagerly. He enjoys collaborating with peers and likes to ask questions in class.



Cristina is a very caring individual. She comes to class prepared and ready to work. She’s always willing to help others in need and is an exemplary manager. She makes all of her classes more enjoyable.


Javier is positive, hard-working, and always focused & engaged during class. He is respectful to those around him and works very well with group members.


Jackie is an incredibly hard-working and dedicated student. Whenever she has to miss class, or whenever she doesn't understand something, she is sure to follow up with questions and extra attention. Jackie consistently produces well thought out and high quality work, and is also helpful when it comes to supporting her peers or answering questions based on topics that she understands.


Eric is a dedicated student athlete. Even though he spends many hours on the baseball field, it does not impede his school work. He works well with his peers and enjoys tutoring them.


Jesus always gets his work in on time. He is responsible and follows directions well in class. He asks for help appropriately. He helps his group members when he is working on presentations to stay focused. He gives his best effort in class.


Jocelyn has shown TREMENDOUS growth in her work ethic the past few months. She currently has a 3.85 GPA and has shown commitment to improving her academic experience.


Sebastian exemplifies familia. He is a self-reflective individual who contributes positively to class discussions and works well with others.


Faustino is concerned with improving his grades and is eagerly looking ahead to college. He works hard to complete assignments and listens carefully in class.



Emanuel always does his homework and routinely puts in the effort to make sure he has mastered the material. He participates in class and helps the teacher and other students. He always gives his best effort. He is very responsible and sets a good example for other students. He does all of this while also playing soccer.


Brian is positive and enthusiastic during class, he’s always involved in class and group discussions and currently has a 3.95 GPA.


Cesar always pushes himself to do quality work and demonstrates accountability for his own learning.


Citlalli likes to work in collaborative groups. She motivates her peers with her positive attitude. She also likes to learn about new subjects and regularly shares her opinions in class.


Sherlyn shows great attention to detail in her work. She works well on her own, but also contributes to group discussions and helps others to catch up. She is a pleasure to have in class and creates great projects.


Katherine goes out of her way to offer help to struggling group members and always asks thought provoking questions. She is an extremely hard worker and a pleasure to have in class.


Maribel not only maintains a very high grade point average but is taking a challenging and rigorous schedule with four AP courses. Maribel is an active participant in all of her classes and is always willing to help her fellow students achieve success. Her teachers believe that she has the capability to succeed at any university or career she chooses in the future.


Gracie is always attentive and enjoys writing essays. She does extra research when learning about new topics and likes to share her opinions in class.



Johnny has a great attitude and always comes to class ready to work. He participates in discussions and offers valuable insights. He helps his teammates and has the excellent habit of justifying his answers and explaining his reasoning. He’s been a pleasure to have in all his classes.


Michelle is extremely diligent in the completion of all assignments. She is patient, works well with others, and is always willing to help her group members.


Gaby has a fantastic work ethic and consistently completes her work with excellence. If there's ever something she doesn't understand, Gaby is quick to come to office hours to put in the extra effort necessary to understand. Gaby is helpful and works well with her peers, always willing to ask and answer questions within her group, which improves the performance of everyone around her.


Bryant is making efforts to raise his grades. He likes to ask questions in class and always seems attentive.


Jose has shown responsibility on many occasions and works with a sense of urgency. He often stays after class to make sure every assignment for that day is completed to the best of his ability. All of this work leads to Jose doing very well in all his classes.


Ricardo always goes above and beyond on all assignments and never misses deadlines. He is extremely focused during class, responsible, and has his priorities in order.


Melissa is constantly putting in great work and is a phenomenal mathematician. More than that, she is an asset to her group and explains things well to her peers. She has a challenging schedule, but is handling it well.


Fabian is very attentive in class and responsible when it comes to submitting assignments. He is a positive role model for his peers.



Carmen has done an excellent job leading her team. Her patience, responsibility, and thoughtful comments have been helpful for everyone. She is always engaged in class and tries her best in all of her projects.


Cristian currently has a 3.7 GPA. He has outstanding work ethic and works well with others.


Bryan always completes his work to the best of his ability. In addition to his hard work, he is helpful and brings positive energy into the classroom.


Elisabeth really works well in class. She loves to collaborate in partner activities. She always shares her opinions and volunteers to present article of the week presentations. She also maintains a busy athletic schedule outside of school.


Nohemi is quietly focused on any task given and shows her mastery with pride. She is doing a fantastic job in Engineering and looks forward to challenges with zeal. Her contribution to her team in Math have also been outstanding.


Jaquelin currently has a 3.6 GPA. She is always engaged in lessons, asks questions, and is very patient and supportive with any struggling group members.


Denise challenges herself to produce quality work. She is always actively engaged in her learning and is proactive when she needs assistance.


Sebastian is managing a difficult course schedule, an outside job, college applications and service learning and facing it all with a positive attitude.

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