Students of the Month




Andrea has demonstrated responsibility and perseverance so far this year, and has successfully recovered from a prolonged absence with minimal academic impact. She serves as a model student in this way.


John has shown major improvements this year. He is consistently engaged, participates during class discussions, and asks questions to make sure he fully understands the assignment.


Allen has made great progress and changed his habits. He has improved his overall attitude and behaviors.


Judith has shown improvement and a commitment to succeed this year. She has worked hard to find purpose and balance in her life and is on the path to a better tomorrow.


Briseyda's commitment to high academic work standards has been consistent and prevalent in all projects and assignments. She's also very helpful and friendly to her peers, and she's not afraid to ask questions in class.


Michelle puts so much effort into her work and shows up to office hours. She is not afraid to ask questions and advocates for her peers.


Arian exceeds all standards set in class for all projects and assignments. He pushes himself by taking on challenges, asking for feedback, and revising his work when needed.


Mariano has consistently shown active engagement in class and completes his assignments on time.

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