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Service Learning



Service Learning Activities at Lennox Academy will consist of meaningful activities that will raise awareness of commitment, community and responsibility for our students. The goal of this project is for students to grow as ethical citizens and to develop the communication, decision making, problem solving, and goal setting skills to be successful in life, while contributing to their community in a meaningful way.



All Lennox Academy Students will participate in a Service Learning Project every year. Although there is no set hour requirement, we expect all students to minimally participate in two service learning experiences that equate to about 15-20 hours a year. Students are free to choose something that is meaningful to them, unless otherwise instructed by their TA Teacher. Students will use the ESLRs to guide their Service Learning Experiences.



Students must be able to prove how they have met the ESLR(s) through their service learning experiences. Every student is responsible for tracking their own progress and collecting the evidence (e.g. pictures, journal entries, etc.) that they will need for their project. Fulfillment of Service Learning hours will be measured during their POL Presentation.


9th grade SL experiences must meet ONE (or more) ESLR(s)
10th – 12th grade SL experiences must meet TWO (or more) ESLRs


Credit for Service Learning

Service Learning is now a graduation requirement and worth 1 unit every year.* Students will receive 1 credit towards graduation upon successful completion of their service learning project. Students who fail their SL Project will be responsible for that one credit in order to receive their diploma from Lennox Academy. Detailed instructions will be provided to students who fail their SL project.

* The total credits needed to graduate from Lennox Academy have changed as follows: Class of 2012 = 277 (currently 275), Class of 2013 = 270 (currently 265), Class of 2014 = 260 (currently 255), Class of 2015 = 250 (currently 245). The senior Thesis will now be worth 2 credits. Starting with the Class of 2016, total credits for graduation will be 250.

Contact: Veronica R. Jimenez, School Counselor