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Lennox Academy Library



The Lennox Academy School Library is integral to the education process of the students and supports the vision and mission as stated below. The Guidelines for Operation of the School Library serves as a uniform guide designed to aid the school’s staff and the students with the daily operation of the facility as well as reinforce the curriculum by providing a variety of resources in multiple formats which enhance classroom activities.



 The Lennox Academy Library Mission Statement


The mission of the Lennox Academy Library is to serve as an agency of both instruction and service to encourage reading for pleasure and information, to support the curricular goals of our school, and to teach appropriate research skills in an integrated context.

As the term “library” has a universal recognition defining a place set aside to house books and other print materials, technology, and audio visuals it will be used in this web page instead of “resource center”, “library media center”, or other similar terms. “Librarian” will denote the person who manages the library and its services.