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California Colleges

View information about ALL California Colleges (2 year and 4 year), compare stats about each campus, narrow your searches by distance, major, city atmosphere, etc. Includes a campus directory for each school and a simplified version of their website with the most important info to know when researching schools.

The College Board

Searchable data base with over 3,000 colleges (community colleges and 4 year institutions)

Princeton Review

Provides college match and rankings

California Community Colleges

Provides an overview of the various programs offered at our 110 community colleges in California.

California State University

Access information about campus life, programs of study, impacted programs, etc at each of the 23 CSU Campuses. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to use the High School Planner Tab on this website to help track their progress in meeting the A-G Requirements.

Univeristy of California

Visit this website to explore the UC Campuses and access information about their admissions policy and financial aid. You can also download various resources to help determine your eligibility for admissions as well as a paper application to use as a draft.

Private/Independent Schools

Provides links and information about all the Private Schools in California


Provides a college matching service and major information

Campus Tours

Take a college tour through their web cams. This site provides you with virtual tours of various campuses.