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May 2017


Daliah Melgar


Daliah not only reaches for academic excellence in all her classes, but she is one of few freshman who has been quite involved in extracurricular life outside of the classroom. Her commitment to the Softball Team and Jazz Band has shown that she is a well- rounded candidate for Student of the Month. She is a great example of a responsible Scholar Athlete.

Fabian Gomez


Fabian is a talented student doing well in all of his classes and excelling in engineering and computer science. He is always engaged with the material. He is respectful and kind to his classmates and teachers.

Jacqueline Hernandez



Jackie is always focused and engaged in class. She is reflective in all of her work, adds profound insights to class discussions, formulates her own opinions (whether people agree or not) and is constantly seeking ways to improve academically!

Miguel Rodriguez



Miguel has made significant improvement from last semester, has been so much more focused and diligent in class. He has been great about turning in assignments and participating in class. We are ery proud of him for turning it around so quickly.

Cynthia Mendez


Cynthia has shown constant growth in all of her classes this year. She always turns in her work and supports her team during group projects. Cynthia is always pleasant and kind to everyone

Esmeralda Martinez


Esmeralda has consistently shown excellence throughout the year in all of her classes. She took a challenging schedule this year with numerous AP classes and currently is maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Bridget Lopez



Bridget approaches her school work with creativity and diligence. She participates enthusiastically in class discussions and demonstrates leadership while working in small groups

Daniel Garcia



Daniel always comes to class with a positive attitude. He has a terrific sense of humor and always tries to uplift his peers. His coursework is excellent and he does not hesitate to help others

April 2017


Michelle Tellez


Michelle persistently provides thoughtful projects and assignments. She is a wonderful addition to the classroom and has excelled in many Engineering practices. Michelle has straight A’s semester 2.

Marvin Perez De Pablo


Marvin’s leadership, contributions, and attention to detail have set himself apart in his classes. He always strives to turn in high quality work and works extremely well with others. Marvin has earned straight A’s all year.

Emely Gamez


Emily is always enthusiastic about learning, attentive and responsible. She has a positive outlook on school and is a pleasure to have in class.

Leonardo Sedano


Leonardo is extremely diligent in the completion of his assignments. He is always engaged during class and always willing to help others.

Paola Castaneda


Paola is an all-around excellent student. She eagerly pursues extracurricular opportunities and devotes her time to learning more and improving herself as a student and as a person. Paola’s work-ethic, skill, and commitment to education are commendable and deserve recognition.

Uriel Martinez


Uriel has shown tremendous growth as a student, and has been performing well in all of his classes. He considers subjects beyond the scope of what is taught, and looks for ways to work more efficiently, improve his own understanding, and help his peers. Uriel’s accomplishments caught the attention of all of his teachers, and we are proud to recognize him as one of our students of the month.

Dolores Arroyo



Dolores is an excellent reader who likes to participate in class discussions and always asks relevant questions. She also contributes to the success of her collaborative learning groups.

Bryan Solis



Bryan maintains a positive attitude and motivates his peers by his dedication to his courses and his amiable personality.

March 2017


Axel Arellano



Axel consistently turns in high quality work, strives to surpass expectations, and is an active participant in class discussions. She is helpful to her peers and always asks good questions that push her and her peers to learn more.

Servando Rodriguez



Servando is self-motivated and extremely diligent in the completion of assignments. He works hard in order to ensure that he turns in great work that he is proud of.

Gabriella Posantes



Gabriella is always asking questions and seeking help after school to better her grades. She is insightful in class discussions, on task and encourages others to do the same, and demonstrates great leadership potential.

Jessica Escobar



Jessica adds critical perspectives to real life situations and topics. She is always on task, and innovative in projects and class presentations. She has a positive attitude, is open minded, takes criticism well and always applies suggestions given.

Jessica Alvarez



Jessica is an outstanding student who distinguishes herself from her peers though her work ethic. In Physics class and in her AP classes Jessica arrives eager to work and participate. She works tirelessly to ensure that she understands the material and seeks out help when she finds the concepts challenging. She truly embodies what it means to be a “life-long learner”!

Denise Zavala



Denise has a commitment to academics and consistently puts in effort to ensure that she fully grasps the material that she is learning. This is evidenced by that fact that in Quarter 3 she earned an A+ in Physics. In addition, Denise makes insightful contributions to class discussions which clearly demonstrate she is thinking critically about the material she is learning. Keep up the great work Denise!

Merly Ramirez



Merly works great in collaborative learning groups. She always takes the initiative and helps her peers stay motivated. Merly maintains a job in the work-force outside of school, but does her best to stay up to date on her assignments.

Gisselle Nunez



Gisselle is always energetic in class. She puts 100% effort into her assignments. She is supportive of her peers and always helps them to maintain a high level of effort.

February 2017


Jessica Porras



Jessica has set herself up for success in high school with a 4.0 GPA. She pushes herself to learn as much as possible even with 6 A+s with over 100% in two of her classes. She is self-motivated and great at working in groups with any of her peers.

Martha Salazar



Martha works hard to ensure that she is always doing her very best which led to a 4.0 GPA and 5 A+s in her classes. She is fun to work with and is a great addition to the USC STEM team and the Girls Build LA team.

Metzli Aguinaga



Metzli is a hardworking, self- motivated, and responsible individual. She is always willing to help others and acts as a role model for those around her.

Steven Amezquita



Steven shows great citizenship in helping others in class, is always very focused, and asks thought-provoking questions. He is always participating and engaged in every lesson.

Elisabeth Gonzalez



Elisabeth has a positive attitude in class. She is very open about asking for help, which her teachers appreciate. She shows her maturity by working well independently and responding effectively to feedback.

Monica Perez



Monica shares unique ideas in class, where she is recognized by her teachers as hardworking, mature, and reliable. She is equally appreciated by her classmates, who know that she is a responsible group member who always contributes to group efforts.

Carl Pineda



Carl is a hard-working student who excels in his classes while maintaining a challenging work-force job outside of school. Despite the busy schedule, he always shows up to class with a positive attitude.

Giovanni Cabral



Giovanni Cabral is an outstanding Mathematician! His outstanding effort and great work ethic allow him to excel academically. He is not only an outstanding academic achiever, he is always willing to offer guidance to his peers.

January 2017


Aristhani Cazares



Aristhani makes a great first impression. She is interested in what she is learning and goes above and beyond expectations in all her work. She got straight As including 3 A+’s in her first semester at LMSTA. 

Jonathan Bonilla



Jonathan has set himself apart from his peers in his classes with the quality of his work and attention to detail. He is also a talented and determined member of the soccer team as a Freshman. He got straight As in his first semester at LMSTA.

Tabetha Sanchez



Tabetha is always engaged and aims to produce the best work at all times. She is very self-aware, confident, and honest. 

Ofelia Garcia



Ofelia works well with group members and is always willing to help others. She is kind, hard-working, and responsible.

Valeria Almaraz



Valeria has an excellent work ethic and brings a positive attitude to everything she does. She is very active in Interact, a service learning club, which makes her a great role model to other students. 

Jennifer Renteria



Jennifer works well with other students and helps them focus in groups. She consistently works hard across all subjects.

Daniel Chavez



Daniel put a lot more effort into his school work by the end of Semester 1. Now, in the first month of the second semester, Daniel participates in class discussions and is working hard to submit assignments on time.

Abel Orozco



In class, Abel volunteers to share his ideas and takes excellent notes. He remains focused during lessons and helps his peers stay on track as well.

December 2016


Nayeli Salgado



Nayeli is extremely hard working and is always engaged in lecture. She asks questions and shows interest in her grades. Her thoughtful contributions have been very invaluable to her classes. 

Melissa Salazar



Melissa has a positive demeanor throughout class and great attitude in all circumstances. She makes the best of all situations and her positivity is always evident in the quality of work she turns in.

Alexandra Medina



Alexandra is an outstanding student who comes in to class ready to learn, consistently tries her best and turns in high quality work, and elevates class discussions with her insightful contributions. 

Kemberly Campos



Kemberly is diligent in her coursework and she is an excellent student-athlete, being able to balance her academics with her soccer commitment. She takes initiative, shows responsibility and possesses a great work drive to succeed.

Valeria Gonzalez



Valeria’s attention to detail, participation in class, and group contributions have been excellent in all her classes. She helps her peers on work. 

Luis Lopez



Luis is hard working, motivated, and always engaged. He comes to class with a positive attitude, aims to produce the best work at all times, and is always willing to help others.

Gracie Medrano



Gracie steps in to class prepared and eager to learn. She consistently participates in discussions and when it’s time to work independently she always works diligently to her fullest potential. Your work ethic and effort are truly inspiring!

Beatriz Herrera



Beatriz is making a concerted effort to complete all her assignments, making an effort to ask questions in class, as well as participating eagerly in discussions.

November 2016


Kary Cabrera



Kary collaborates extremely well in small groups and consistently participates in in class discussions by providing very insightful personal commentary. She always goes above and beyond in all of her class assignments and turns in impeccable quality work. She enjoys learning and helping others.

Ricardo Santana



Ricardo has straight As. Ricardo is responsible, engaged, and extremely diligent in the completion of his assignments. His projects are always interesting and skillful. He also works very well with his peers in class.

Noemi Loeza



Noemi is always on task, helps her peers and always strives to do her best in all of her classes.

Azalia Escalera



Azalia is very devoted to all of her classes, works well in groups and always submits her assignments on time.

Guadalupe Tovar



Guadalupe has demonstrated academic improvement in most of her classes this quarter. She is a willing participant in all of her classes. Keep up the good work!

Norberto Aparicio



Norberto is excelling in all of his classes this quarter. He always shows a positive attitude and is eager to participate in group work. Additionally he is kind to everyone. Thank you for being a role model for your peers.

Bianca Palacios



Bianca has significantly improved her gpa and is taking a more rigorous schedule. She has improved her study habits and is willing to help her peers understand various assignments. She has also been active and on time with her college applications.

Lissete Estrada



Lissete is a very focused student who strives for excellence. Her priorities are always intact and is repeatedly using sources to enhance her learning. She seeks online support, teacher support and peer support. She is kind, caring and enjoys helping others. Lissete is an all-around exemplary student.

October 2016


Alyssa Uribe



Alyssa works very well with her peers and leads them through group activities. In class, even when she struggles she never uses “I’m not good” as her excuse. She also accepts constructive criticism very well and makes improvements.

Hector Cardona



Hector has demonstrated leadership skills and a passion for learning. He has distinguished himself in class by his maturity, persistence, and willingness to seek assistance when necessary.

Jesus Aguilera



Jesus is intelligent, focused, and very hard working. He always comes to class prepared and engaged in learning.

Karen Hernandez



Karen ended Q1 with an impressive 4.0. She is all around positive, hard-working, kind to her group members, and very insightful.

Abelardo Platas



Abelardo performs well in his classes and offers keen insights during discussion. His writing goes above and beyond the assignment and his teachers and peers really appreciate hearing his intelligent thoughts.

Leilani Rodriguez



Leilani is a hardworking student with a great attitude. She is an asset when working in groups and always contributes effectively to class discussions. Her high-quality thinking and high-quality work deserve great praise.

Heidy Davila



Heidy has shown growth and maturity, and dedication as a student and member of our school community.

Tatiana Rodriguez



Tatiana consistently seeks to improve herself, and makes mature decisions regarding her future.

September 2016


Atziri Zamora



Atziri is very friendly and is on top of her work. She makes sure she understands assignments and homework and gets help if she needs it. She is excited about learning and willing to help others.

Steven Tapia



Steven is engaged and excited to be in school. He always comes to class with a positive attitude. Steven makes fun and interesting projects as well.

Alissa Garibay



Alissa has great ability to balance personal life and academics. She has an optimistic personality and contributes greatly to class discussions. She is deeply insightful and works hard to supersede her own expectations.

Shaella Rivera



Shaella is very dedicated to her academics, kind and helpful. She brings amazing insights to class discussions and is always joyful! She is pleasant to have in class.

Jessica Hermosillo



Jessica is an outstanding student who is always engaged and comes to class ready to learn. She is proactive and enthusiastically participates in class discussions. Moreover, she consistently turns in high quality work that demonstrates her best effort. In the short time Jessica has been at Lennox Academy she has proven to be a great addition to our familia!

Miriam Gonzalez



Miriam has consistently shown improvement and started off the year strong. She is an exemplary student who is responsible and consistently completes her assignments, even when absent. The work she turns in shows integrity and that she cares about doing well. We commend your efforts thus far Miriam and encourage you reach your fullest potential.

Alonso Perez



Alonso has consistently been dependable, respectful, hard-working, and an exemplary student and teammate. His kind nature and gentle attitude make everyone around him feel at ease and want to work harder because of the example he sets.

Salei Salanoa



Salei is an outstanding leader, an exemplary student and one of the most dedicated and driven students we have ever met.