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Folks in Inglewood are lucky to have a school like the Lennox Academy there for their high school age students. The Lennox Academy is a very special school. At Lennox Academy, you will find an emphasis on the study of science, mathematics, English and history. They do a great job preparing young minds for the tasks they will be met with when they enter the real world. Of course, at the Lennox Academy, one of the important goals is to prepare their students for entering college.


The Lennox Academy boasts a very high rate of students that leave the school and matriculate into higher education. You don’t have to be of Hispanic extraction to attend the Lennox Academy, but if you are, you will feel particularly at home because the school is proud to have a very high number of Hispanic attendees. The student body at the Lennox Academy has a fantastic esprit de corp. This may in part be due to the great harmony they enjoy at the school.


The key to having this wonderful enthusiasm is in great part because of the teaching staff at the Lennox Academy. Teachers and their personalities can really effect the learning experience and at the Lennox Academy, they have the best! High School is of course a very special time in a child’s life. The experiences they have there will last a lifetime and prepare them for a good life. The Lennox Academy is an extraordinary school that will make the High School experience that much more rewarding.


Much of the credit for the success of the Lennox Academy and their alumni is due to the dedicated staff. They are indeed some of the world’s finest teachers, passionate, committed and devoted to making each child the best they can be. You owe it to your child to provide them with the best and that’s what you get at the Lennox Academy!