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Earn a Quality Education at Lennox Academy

Earn a Quality Education at Lennox Academy

Lennox Academy is a quality learning institution located in Inglewood, California. The Lennox Mathematics, Science, and Technology Academy provides real-world learning for lower grades with the inclusion of community service. Juniors and seniors take part in internships for real-world experience to prepare for college and a life outside of education. Parents are encouraged to participate in the educational process with volunteering opportunities as well as field trip chaperoning. The student body mostly consists of Latino and Hispanic students, with requirements for graduation such as applying for no less than two colleges and finishing a senior thesis.

Creating a Community of Learners

Family and community are stressed at the Lennox Academy Inglewood, creating a small high school environment where every individual feels they have value. Every family of a student enrolled are asked to commit to being involved to help with the success of the student. Students are held accountable and are equipped with the skills and tools needed to be confident and self-reliant.

Personalization of Every Student

Each student enrolled in Lennox Academy Inglewood will be given an adviser to help with the high school experience. An intervention program has been created to assist students and is based on each student. The personalization of the program helps to cover whatever area of academics that child may need help with.

Immersed in the Real World

The difference with learning at the Lennox Academy is the immersion into the real world. Students have requirements that must be fulfilled including a service learning component. During the Junior and Senior year, students will take on the internship program which gives students a local mentor in the industry they are interested in for a career. A project must be completed in this work area and gives the child a sense of accomplishment as well as a look into the real world and what their career might be like in a given field.