Clubs and Organizations

Adventure Club

Teacher Adviser: Mrs. Cervantes
Club Representative: Joselyn R.
Purpose: To coordinate events which will allow its members to learn about their communities and different cultures and allow students to help others (donate money, time, items, etc.) to those who are less fortunate.

Freedom Writers

Teacher Adviser: Mrs. N. Orozco
Club Representative: Ofelia G.
Purpose: To encourage creativity and expression through forms of writing.

Gay Straight Alliance

Teacher Adviser: Mrs. Steeper
Club Representative: Leslie C.
Purpose: To unite the school regardless to the sexual orientation and go to LGBTQ+ events to inform and make students comfortable with their sexuality by talking about it and fundraising for events to attend.

Harry Potter

Teacher Adviser: Mrs. Delgado
Club Representative: Brian H.
Purpose: To learn and teach people about Harry Potter and fundraise to go to Universal Studios.


Teacher Adviser: Mr. Jobe & Mr. Maldonado
Club Representative: Leslie C.
Purpose: To give back to our community by helping the people within it.

LMSTA Cheer/Dance Club

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Morales
Club Representative: Ariana G.
Purpose: To support sports games and activities at school.

Opportunity and Support Club

Teacher Adviser: Ms. Allen
Club Representative: Maribel C.
Purpose: To provide students with opportunities for better development for the future. Therefore give information and guidance for program, scholarships, internships, etc. applications.

Pre-Med Club

Teacher Adviser: Mrs. Gonzalez
Club Representative: Paola E.
Purpose: To educate the members not just on the medical field, but on the possibility of pursuing a career in medicine.

Vocal Alliance

Teacher Adviser: Mr. Fong
Club Representative: Meleah D.
Purpose: To give students an opportunity to express themselves through music and support the community.


Teacher Adviser: Mrs. Vasquez