Admission to Lennox Mathematics, Science & Technology Academy is open to any student in California. Lennox Academy will not charge students tuition and does not discriminate based on ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability, religious, or political beliefs.

Students interested in attending our school are encouraged to explore their interest in the areas of Math, Science & Technology.

Students will also be admitted based upon the openings per grade at each enrollment session. A lottery may be conducted if the number of completed applications exceed the openings available.  Applicants not accepted at the time of the lottery will be wait-listed according to lottery number and admitted pending openings. Subsequent applicants will be wait listed on a first-come, first serve basis.

It is understood that once admitted into Lennox Academy, students will be allowed to re-enroll for the following year as long as they are in good standing and fulfilled all components of the school compact.

Please review application guide below:

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Please review the “How to Accept/Decline” offer guide below: