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Lennox Academy has established a challenging college preparatory curriculum with an emphasis on Mathematics, Science and Technology. The Academy strives to provide a real world education in order to equip students with the skills necessary to become critical thinkers, life-long learners and productive members of society.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Lennox Academy presents a curriculum and environment that prepares its graduates to be:

Academic Achievers who:

  1. Meet or exceed the course requirements necessary for college admission.
  2. Organize and clearly articulate information in a variety of written and verbal forms.
  3. Actively listen to the views of others and respond effectively and appropriately.

Complex, Critical Thinkers who:

  1. Analyze, synthesize, interpret and evaluate information from a variety of resources.
  2. Adapt to an evolving technological and multi-cultural society by applying logic and reasoning skills.
  3. Apply the curriculum to real life problems that exist beyond the classroom.


Ethical, Effective Citizens who:

  1. Understand, respect, value diversity and show tolerance toward individual differences.
  2. Comprehend their roles as citizens and strive to improve the quality of life at school and the greater community
  3. Demonstrate skills in resolving conflict through positive, non-violent actions.

Life-long Learners who:

  1.  Plan for life beyond high school by making realistic choices and informed decisions about appropriate life paths/career choices.
  2. Develop the ability and confidence to learn independently.
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