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Ms. McCutchan

Lennox Academy is an amazing place to work because of the devoted students and supportive staff. This really is a special place and I’m so grateful to be here! This year, I’m teaching English 11 and AP English Literature. I am a graduate of UC Berkeley (political science and French Literature) and UCLA (education). As a high school student, I was very involved in sports, ASB, volunteering, and part-time jobs. I learned how balance my studies with my extra-curricular activities and work, a skill that is still incredibly useful to me today. My interests include live music, traveling, cars, dogs, cats, news, politics, reading, writing, college football, cooking, and the Oxford comma. I’m married and live with my husband, daughter, dog, and cat. My sincere hope is that I can help Lennox Academy students learn to work efficiently in a style that will make them more competitive in college and in careers. Although I love to see my students improve their reading and writing skills, I recognize that you have a variety of strengths and firmly believe that you don’t have to be a perfect student to be a good person. Our most important goal together is help you feel and be equipped for your future.


Ms. Orozco

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Ms. Thompson

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