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3 Things to Look Out For In a Charter School

Finding a school that suits the educational needs of your child may be rooted in your values and family beliefs. While it may be a personal choice to select a charter school, it is paramount to ensure the school is a good fit and meets the needs of the child. Make sure you visit the institution and talk to parents whose children are attending it. Here are three important things you want to look out for when selecting a charter school in Inglewood, CA.


Whether it offers the right school-child interrelation

Different charter schools have different missions and visions. Parents want learning programs that can truly speak to the children and parents. Families are seeking special programs that foster educational, social, and physical development of children. For example, a school that does not emphasize on children with disabilities may not be offering an education experience that caters for all students.


An all-encompassing culture

Students need to study in a school that is more open to learning. They need to feel like they are part of the community and proud to be associated with the school. An all-inclusive culture in a charter school promotes a sense of belonging and pride. The staff in the school need to know about special education. Parents need support, involvement, and participation in fostering a good learning experience for their children.


Accessibility to a thorough academic program

A charter school should have a rigorous academic program that offers learning experiences for all students including those with disabilities. The student to teacher ratio needs to be lower coupled with co-taught classrooms featuring special and general education teachers. Collaboration among the students, parents, teachers, administration, and local community is key in defining the success of a charter school. A team approach to teaching is needed in these schools.


Choosing between a public school and charter school can be a roadblock for parents. However, examining the above pointers can help determine which is the right fit for your child’s educational needs. Lennox Academy charter school offers a comprehensive all-inclusive learning experience by encouraging parents to contribute in fostering education to their children. It puts more emphasis on real world learning backed by community service among the lower grades and provision of internships for seniors and juniors alike.